News from BICC - 2016

24th October 2016: John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif named winners of the Chatham House Prize 2016 click here to read more.

8th October 2016: U.S. Loosens Iran Sanctions to Smooth Dollar Transactions:- click here to read more.

On Monday 3rd October 2016, NIOC announced that it had sold Iran's first cargoes of natural gas condensate and crude oil to British companies, with discussions under way to agree long term contracts. click here to read more.

IMF mission to Iran : On 3rd October 2016, the International Monetary fund issued a statement following a mission to Iran to assess economic conditions in the country. This was a standard mission conducted under article IV of the IMF's articles of agreement. A summary may be found here : click here to read the statement.

13th July 2016, Sir Richard Dalton in an interview with IRNA, was reported to have said that the "US must take practical measures to assist banks trading with Iran" click here to read the interview.

On 24th May, BICC collaborated with UKTI in organising a high level meeting with OFAC. Click here for more detail.

Iran is world's biggest emerging market since collapse of Soviet Union, says BICC Chairman Lord Lamont, Click here to read the Independent article

Martin Johnston, BICC Director General, and Nigel Kushner, BICC Director, will be speaking at UKTI West Midlands in Birmingham on 3rd February, Click here for details

January 20th 2016: FT's report of Lord Lamont's appointment as UK Trade Envoy for Iran.