Iran Trade Statistics

Total Exports from Iran (millions)
World (€)50,08349,50549,57040,75953,96052,78357,955
US ($)95122-1188
France (€)8491,74712828329311,369
Germany (€)854716313256280316289
UK (€)21842013732403255
Italy (€)4,7455,3272,2401374414691,050
EU (€)14,52817,3295,6527831,1581,2355,515
Total Exports to Iran (millions)
World (€)64,31180,24864,65847,99148,19735,78542,685
US ($)211233251313187282172
France (€)1,7871,670803494454562722
Germany (€)3,7863,0822,5241,8402,3802,0502,583
UK (€)32720412089114123171
Italy (€)2,0591,8631,4071,0561,1551,1951,542
EU (€)11,31910,4977,3795,4466,4246,4548,248

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After the lifting of the sanctions in January 2016, Iran has seen many European trade delegations visiting the country and is trying to regain its tradition clients like Greece and Italy as a priority.

We can see from these tables that the UK is trading significantly less with Iran than its European counterparts.

Green : Imports to EU from Iran
Red : Exports from EU to Iran

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  • The United Arab Emirates and China are now Iran's main trade partners, accounting for 23,6% and 22,3% of Iran's trade respectively.
  • The EU only ranks as the fifth trade partner of Iran, accounting for 6,0% of Iran's trade. The EU used to be the first trading partner of Iran before the current sanctions regime.
  • Balance in trade with Iran was €2,7 billion in 2016. Trade balances for the previous 10 years with Iran were mostly negative (except for 2009).
  • The EU exported over €8,2 billion worth of goods to Iran in 2016. EU exports to Iran are mainly machinery and transport equipment (€3,8 billion, 46,2%), chemicals (e1,8 billion, 22,2%), and manufactured goods (€0,7billion, 8,8%).
  • The EU imported almost €5,5 billion worth of goods from Iran in 2016. Most EU imports from Iran are energy-related (mineral fuels account for €4,2 billion and 77,0% of EU imports from Iran), followed by manufactured goods (€0,4 billion, 8,5%), and food (€0,3 billion, 6,8%).
  • In 2016, EU imports from Iran increased by 344,8% and EU exports increased by 27,8%.

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